Pathology Tests To Ease Anxiety

How To Regain Peak Physical & Mental Energy
So You Can Get More Done, Do Your Best Work & Reach Your Highest Potential

It's my job to make that as easy as possible for you....

2500+ Customers 
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Over 20 years clinical experience 
Driven women suffer exhaustion, anxiety or depression & it impacts their health, performance, relationships & their bottom line. 

Peak Revival is a clinically tested, customised coaching program for women to regain optimal performance, peak physical & mental energy so they can do their best work, actualise their potential and be their best in all areas of life
  • 1:1 Roadmap Workshop with Vesna: to design your personalised 3-month roadmap for accelerated results, including pathology interpretation, prescription plans and overcome inner roadblocks 
  • ​Peak Revival Method: Specialised plan for high-performing women, including naturopathic plans, psychology and upgrading your 'inner game' for confidence and health
  • Weekly coaching, Q&A & accountability: Vesna will customise your plan, provide prescriptions and transformational coaching to overcome your inner barriers (4-months of group coaching)
  • Personal Concierge VIP support: (**pay in full bonus only**) get you set up with everything you need, including pathology testing and online supplements or to keep you on track 
  • Private Community/ Daily support:​ get 24/7 access to our exclusive Peak Revival community as you walk through this program together, step-by-step. Vesna will be in the group each day
  • Bonus: Advanced program: Advanced health & weight loss strategies including overcoming food anxiety and beliefs around food that are keeping you stuck
  • Bonus: Pathology Test Review: We'll show you where to order pathology tests or we can order them for you. Vesna will review the results and provide a personalised roadmap for for high-performance, high energy and vitality, and a super-fast metabolism
  • Bonus: Mind Over Weight Workshop: Your body hears everything your mind says, overcome obsessive thinking that causes weight gain

HR Manager, 

Meet Allison

"My fatigue has gone, I feel great, I'm calm and no longer in fight-or-flight mode. 
And to top it off, I've lost 11.5cm and have gone from a size 16 to size 12 in 6 weeks"

Allison felt like 'crap' for almost 10 years, nothing was helping, and had all but given up.

Then she joined Buh-Bye Burnout 

By following the unique strategy she's been able to...


10 x Energy, No Anxiety or Brain fog. Lost weight after years of low-carb/ keto diets
Too tired to work, Melanie had to take time out. Now she's working, exercising, has no more anxiety or fibromyalgia pain
Angela is per-menopause, tried keto, cleanses, and supplements but felt worse. Now she has more energy, less pain and sleeps well 
From exhausted, not wanting to ‘mother' anymore and almost depressed, Now more energy, happy, lost 8kg, and no more anxiety
From go-getter to not being able to get off the couch! Now back to her old self, happy, lots of energy, dropped 1 dress size and calmer better mum
Belle was exhausted 24/7, living on energy drinks, moody & unknown infertility. Now, a complete 180 - more energy, patient, sleeping better and fell pregnant naturally for the first time.  
Toni went from bone tired, brain fog, poor sleep...within 3 days her head cleared, waking up refreshed, enjoying time with kids
Kirstylee went from so tired, sleeping 3 hrs night, drinking to cope. Now waking up at 5am to exercise, no drinking, feeling calmer 
Kellie felt like a ticking time-bomb, fibromyalgia pain, tired, stressed - now she had reduced meds, energy, lost weight 
Marta lives in Finland, she struggled with low energy and losing weight. She lost weight, has more energy and productivity at work
More energy, lost 6kg and pain free after spending years and $$$ on Doctors who told her it was just part of getting older
So much energy her kids can't keep up with her! 

Crime Analyst, 

Meet Kathleen

"From soul-crushing anxiety, insomnia, moody, menstrual issues..and fatigue. 

To sleeping right through and waking early, naturally. Lost 10lbs, gone down 2 dress sizes, no cravings, period normalised, and spends evenings playing with the kids"

Kathleen had calorie controlled diets, fasting, Noom and other programs without resutls.

Then she joined Buh-Bye Burnout

By following the unique strategy she's been able to...