BBB Students Honest Feedback: No Fluff or BS
Meg Bear 
Healed anxiety, bad moods & brain fog, and lost weight after years of trying other naturopaths & programs
"When you feel good you shine, and it shows" 
Meg Bear, 
Salt and Stone Living 
Shelley Maung
A call to all mother's who are suffering silently

From feeling mentally low, not wanting to 'mother' & wanting to close herself off to everything
Shelley feels back to herself, loves spending time with her girls, lost 8kg in 6 weeks and has so much energy to do the things she loves
Marg Harris 
More energy, lost 6kg and pain free after spending years and $$$ on Doctors who told her it was just part of getting older. 
Buh-Bye Burnout Reviews
Jackie Holah 
Project Manager, NZ
"I’m way more conscious of what I’m eating... noticed that the excess ‘fat’ has gone down..and I'm buying a size smaller in clothes!"
Kim Victoria 
Director, 8Group
Within a week my energy improved and I felt zippy again with small changes to my diet, I just couldn't believe it was that simple. 
I’ve lost 5 kgs easily and mood is more stable. Plus, I have no more PMS or menstrual pain, which is amazing!”
Lin Morris
"My health goal was to lose weight which I had previously struggled with. I lost over 13kg"
Michelle Brett
CFO, Melbourne
"I no longer want to curl up and go to sleep under my desk after lunch, and the brain fog that plagued my days at work has gone. My energy has become far more consistent with less peaks and troughs... 

My mood is far more stable; I am calmer, happier, more at peace and feel like I can now handle anything that comes along"
Paula Bailey 
Sassy CEO @
"I have renewed energy, my skin is glowing, my tummy problems have eased and weight seems to be melting off!
I am even finding that I am able to eat, digest and enjoy foods I thought were a 'no go' zone for my tummy for the last 3 years! ...
Alyssha Short 
New Zealand
"I noticed an instant change in my energy, and mood swings... I can now leave the house happy, and not bloated and yuck!"
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